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You Can Edit Your Site From Anywhere — Even Your Mobile!

Wordpress has plugins that allows you to update your site from your phone!

WordPress Content Management System

Installation and Set-up: $400 One-Time-Fee

WordPress is not just for blogging anymore!!  It can also be used as a fabulous web page editing tool that allows YOU to quickly and easily update your website from any online location!

Here are some of the top reasons to have us install WordPress on your site:

Easy to Use

With it's easy-to-use interface, WordPress allows you to quickly and easily update the text and images on your pages!

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Easily edit your own site using wordpress

Using wordpress you can even update your website from your mobile!Can edit from any online location including computer, tablet and smartphone

Because WordPress is browser-based, you can login from any Internet connected computer and manage your site. WordPress even has apps you can download which allows you to edit your site from your tablet and smartphone!

Make changes to your site when YOU want to

With the ability to update your own site using WordPress, you won't have to wait on a web designer to make simple changes nor will you have to pay for them. Just login to your WordPress site and make the simple changes yourself!

Can customize with your design

Already have a design you love? No worries! We can create a WordPress template out of your existing design so you can keep your current look, but still have full use of the WordPress functionality.

Doesn't require html coding knowledge

The WordPress page editor takes care of all the html coding, so you just use it to update your pages and WordPress takes care of the actual coding.

Search Engines Love sites built using WordPress

The WordPress interface allows you to easily add Search Engine titles, descriptions and keywords when editing a page's content, helping you enhance your Search Engine optimization efforts.