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Winery Website Additions

Domain Registration: $11 per year

Registering the correct domain name (www.YourWineryName.com) is one of the most important things you can do!!! If you haven't registered your winery name yet (and this is something you can do yourself — we recommend GoDaddy.com), then we can register it for you for $11.00 per year.

Domain Hosting: $72 per year

Domain hosting is providing your registered domain name with the space needed to have a website. We provide 1,000 MB of space, 20 POP3 emails, 24/7 support and much more for only $72.00 per year. (We can provide more server information upon request :)

Security Certificate: $80 per year

Security Certificate for wine ecommerceA security certificate is what encrypts your pages so customers can safely provide you with their credit card information. We charge $80 per year for this service.

Online Wine Club Membership Form: $300 One-Time-Fee

Wine Club Online FormIf you have a Wine Club, then you'll want take advantage of the immediacy of the web by allowing site visitors to sign up for your wine club online. The form I've come up with collects member information (you'll need a security certificate if you want to collect credit card information) and email's their information to you.

The $300 fee includes installation of the form and customizing it with your information and website design.

More Info on the Wine Club Form . . .

WordPress Content Management System: $400 One-Time-Fee

A website that is kept updated with current/coming news, events, and wine releases excites your visitors and makes them want to come back for more! To help you do this, we've come up with an online content management system that will allow you to easily edit current pages and create new ones -- all you need is access to an internet connection and a computer!

More Info on WordPress . . .

Favicon Creation From Existing Logo: $75 One-Time-Fee

Custom favicon for your wineryMaintaining a consistent look through all your media is very important for furthering your brand. Having a 'favicon' created from your logo (a favicon is the tiny image that shows up at the top of the browser next to your page title and when you bookmark a page) is a very simple way to do this while making you stand out from the other websites.

MailChimp Newsletter Design Template: $250 One-Time-Fee

Maintaining a consistent look through all your media is very important for furthering your brand. By creating an eNewsletter template you can use in MailChimp (MailChimp is one of the only newsletter programs that allows your designer to create a template for you) to keep in touch with your website visitors and wine club members is a great way to re-enforce your brand recognition.

Blog Installed With Your Design: $300 One-Time-Fee

An active wine blog is a WONDERFUL way to bring in visitors to your site and inspire loyalty. Visitors will be able to read about what is going on in your vineyard and winery, post their comments and begin to feel like part of your family. This in turn will inspire them to purchase your wines and become members of your wine club. Believe it or not, some VERY small wineries have made BIG names for themselves by regularly posting to their wine blog as part of their online marketing efforts.

Using the Word Press platform, I'll install the blog onto your site, customize it with your web design, and, if you've already created a WordPress blog somewhere else, I can easily import your settings and posts to the new blog I created!

A note of caution: a wine blog that is not kept up sends the same message as an empty tasting room with cobwebs on the bottles. I advise against getting a wine blog unless you and/or your team are committed to posting to it at least once a month.