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How Our Bottle Shot Services Work

  1. Inquire about our availability
  2. Review 'Choosing the Best Wine Bottles'
  3. Ship bottles to the following address:
    4 the Grapes
    776 Nadine Ave
    Eugene, OR 97404
  4. Email the tracking number of the shipment along with any special requests.
  5. For basic bottle shots, our standard turn-around time is 5 business days from receiving your shipment. At this time we will email you the digital proofs of your bottles for your review.
  6. Once bottle shots are approved, you will be emailed the high resolution versions within 1 business day (if not immeditely).
  7. You will be invoiced for the wine bottle photography on the 1st of the month after receiving your copies.
  8. Bottles can be returned for an additional fee.