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You don't want the bottle seam to show up on the front of the bottle

Choosing Wine Bottles for Bottle Shots

  1. Choose a bottle where the ‘seam’ is towards the back of the bottle (view the example to the right)
  2. Make sure the label is crisp, clear, and in perfect condition
  3. Check the capsule to make sure it doesn't have any noticeable marks or wrinkles
  4. If you have a logo on the capsule, make sure its facing towards the front, or, if you don't want it to display in the image, choose one with the logo in the back.
  5. On light colored wines and bottles, the back label can show through to the frontIf you don’t want the back label to show through the front on light colored wines, remove the back label and scrub off the remaining glue residue. (Labels are usually glued on pretty good so can be VERY difficult to remove.)