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Personal Tidbits

  • The website I organized, designed and coded for King Estate placed #4 in Winery Website's Report Top 10 List for 2005 (this was out of over 2,200 winery websites and was the only one to place outside of California).
  • Although working from a home office, I maintain top of the line equipment and software that you would find at any brick and mortar design company.
  • In order to better serve you, I stay current with wine, design and social media trends so you can benefit from my knowledge.
  • Having been in the Internet and design business for so long (since 1997), I'm able to use my knowledge and experience to work quickly and be very flexible to meet your needs.
  • I'm VERY easy to work with -- willing to bend over backwards to meet your design, time line and budgetary needs and believe in building strong relationships with clients that last years.
  • I LOVE animals and children and volunteer quite a bit -- I mentor troubled teens, provide a safe place for local kids to play and have fun, take pictures of pets with their people for the local humane shelter and maintain the website for low income veterinarian services.
  • Along with my two teenage sons, I live with a menagerie of animals (most are rescues) including a 300 lb. pig, sugar gliders and the usual assortment of cats, rats and dogs.

About 4 the Grapes . . . the Short Version

Hi! I'm Rachell Coe, the designer, marketer, photographer and driving force behind 4 the Grapes! Having fallen in love with the Wine Industry in 2004 while working for King Estate as their webmaster and photographer, I realized there was a shortage of affordable, quality Internet solutions for the small, boutique and micro wineries and so launched 4 the Grapes in 2005 from my home office in Eugene, Oregon to address this problem.

By focusing solely on the smaller wineries & vineyards, I'm able to come up with targeted winery website solutions such as online wine club forms and wine friendly eCommerce that I can use over and over again -- thereby keeping my prices low. This, combined with keeping my overhead costs down by working from a home office (which I LOVE because it allows me to be at home to keep my teenage sons out of trouble ;) allows me to provide you, the small, boutique and micro winery (from anywhere in the United States) establish a professional presence on the Internet so you can further your brand, gain wine club members and SELL MORE WINE -- all at affordable prices!

Placed #4 in Winery Website's Report Top 10 List for 2005

The LONG Version

I discovered my PASSION for the wine industry in 2004 when I began working at King Estate Winery in Oregon as a webmaster and photographer. Until then (I have been a web and print designer since 1997), I had never focused on any one business niche, enjoying the challenge of working with many different kinds of businesses and people -- from clothing companies to actors.

But during the year and a half I spent at King Estate, I became involved in all aspects of winery life (as the writer and photographer for the website, I was constantly researching all aspects of the wine process -- from grafting, planting, and harvest all the way to production and marketing the finished bottle) and realized I had found my niche.

I loved talking to all the wonderful people who work at the vineyards and wineries to produce the best grapes and wines possible, and the challenge of working in such a complicated industry that not only is constantly changing but involves people from all walks of life and economic levels -- from the hard-working, plain-speaking vineyard owners to the ultra sophisticated wine reviewers!

However, the more involved I became in the wine industry the more I noticed many wineries having problems with their websites -- website updates taking weeks and months to be made; pages not working right or not showing up all-together; technical support people being impossible to get a hold of and not returning phone calls and emails; ecommerce solutions that were difficult to customize and cost over $4,000 per year; content management systems (content management systems allow winery people to update their own sites) that cost $20,000 to set up and $125 per month! With all my experience in design, I knew many of these wineries and vineyards were being taken advantage of and wanted to do something about it.

By starting 4 the Grapes, I can help wineries and vineyards have customized design solutions from someone who knows their target audience and understands the many challenges of working in the wine industry — all while working within their budgets.

Since then, I've had the pleasure of working with wineries all over the United States (Abacela, Kramer Vineyards, Keller Estate and Hume Vineyards to name a few) and love the diversity of being covered in mud while taking pictures in a vineyard one day, and dressed in my nice clean 'nerd suit' while programming a client's ecommerce solution the next. Ahhhh, this is the life!!!